The Spectator: The Importance of Being Trolled

Ever since a Twitter troll was elected 45th President of the United States, the Twitterati has agonised over who to blame. But since it was Twitter that gave American voters unfettered access to Donald Trump’s brain, they really ought to be blaming Twitter itself. It’s not possible to say anything balanced or nuanced in 140 [...]

Julia’s Baby by Emily Hill: The Spectator Christmas Short Story 2016

The Spectator - Illustrated by Morten Morland Julia should not have come to the wedding. That much was clear as soon as she arrived. Late, she was, and massive in belly. Her hat festooned with tropical fruit; her dress — hideously colourful. She made the hinges shriek on the great church door and winced, as it [...]

May’s Beard

The Spectator This week, the Tory party conference ought to be gripped by the question, who the hell is Nick Timothy, the vizier with all the power? To suggest that Theresa May’s joint chief of staff is the man behind our new PM’s manoeuvres is apparently misogynistic, but I’m a woman and I’ll say what [...]

Londoner’s Diary on May’s Beard

'The Spectator has devoted a whole page to the subject of Nick Timothy’s beard — Theresa May’s joint chief-of-staff is known for facial hair that would make a Viking envious. The article’s author, Emily Hill, cites research that suggests “like the cheek flange of an orangutan and the upper-lip wart of the golden snub-nosed monkey”, [...]

The rise and fall of the Cameron Chumocracy

All political careers end in failure — it’s the dynastic death throes you want to watch. The leader departs with a wave and a whimper; the acolytes slither in blood and guts and gore. And so it was with David Cameron. While he made a dull speech in the drizzle outside Downing Street and his [...]