Bad Romance in the Evening Standard:

Londoner’s Diary

Forget bra burning, writer Emily Hill has instigated a new feminist craze: burning your wedding dress. In Battersea last night, Hill launched the Unbound literary crowdfunder for a volume of short stories called Bad Romance. “It’s a book about how s*** it is to be a single woman in London.” The publicity for the book is unorthodox: “I don’t think I’m ever going to get married so I thought I’d buy a hideous Eighties dress on the net and have an impromptu bonfire.”

The craze is catching on. Writer and comedian Ariane Sherine also bought a dress and created a video where she romps with a Jeremy Corbyn lookalike. “He’s had three wives already, should he want a fourth one I’ll be waiting in the wings,” she told us. Also there was Cosmo Landesman who arrived from the Sotheby’s party. He told us his dating column in The Sunday Times Style mag is now axed. “I’m here to drown my sorrows.” He’s already applying to romance and sex mag The Amorist. “I’ve pitched to be their agony uncle,” said the chap who’s known a few agonies

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