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Emily Hill is the author of the short story collection Bad Romance.

Julie Burchill, reviewing for The Spectator, hailed her as ‘the Saki of sex’, and said ‘Bad Romance makes Girls look like Little Women.’

After talking about the book at Alice-Azania Jarvis’s literary salon at The Ned, Reading In Heels commissioned a special paperback edition for its 2,000 female subscribers.

In 2017, Hill succeeded Dolly Alderton as dating columnist at the Sunday Times for six months. From 2006-2016 she worked as a journalist for publications including: Daily MailES Magazine, Grazia, The Guardian, the i, Spiked and You magazine.

She has made broadcast appearances on Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, The Moral Maze, Radio 5 Live, Richard & Judy, Good Morning Britain, and Sky News.

For a list of her most recent articles please click here.


‘Beautifully structured and shot through with wry wit and wisdom, all delivered with an elegant turn of phrase and a forensic eye for the detail of modern life.’

– Ben Elton, author of Popcorn, Dead Famous, Blackadder & Upstart Crow

‘The young journalist Emily Hill is, on the strength of this gorgeous debut collection, the Saki of sex: she shares his grim good humour and glinting malice, grounded not in cheap scepticism but in a vast imaginative grasp of how fantastic life can be and how odd it is that we choose to make it so narrow.’

– Julie Burchill, The Spectator

‘Telling of romance in all shades of bad, from the disappointing to the downright disastrous, this collection of 20 tart tales tracks its heroines as they pick their way across urban backdrops of tarnished dreams. They may start out tear-streaked, but these girls invariably transformed into goddesses with lightning bolts at their fingertips and icy revenge in their hearts. The macabre tidiness of the endings is sure to seduce readers allergic to the frothy ick-fest of Valentine’s Day.’ 

– Hephzibah Anderson, The Mail on Sunday

This dark collection of super-short, punchy stories is Emily Hill’s first. Women from all walks of life appear in the book – jilted lovers, career girls, goddesses, smitten teenagers, ghosts; there are women who are vengeful, deranged, triumphant. Or, as Hill herself puts it: ‘It’s a book about how shit it is to be a single woman in London.’ Each with a ruthless pay-off, these stories are funny, sad, fiercely feminist and completely brilliant.

– Francesca Carington, Tatler

‘Pick up this dark and hilarious collection of short stories from dating columnist Emily Hill and you’ll realise that when it comes to Bad Romance, you could have it so much worse. From wedding day revenge, to the danger of befriending strangers in London, these stories are as full of wit as they are of warnings.’

– Dusty Baxter-Wright, Cosmopolitan

‘Brilliantly observed, with the keenest eye for the bleak absurdities of modern life, Bad Romance is a superb showcase of the bold new talent that is Emily Hill. These are short stories with real emotional punch which keep you reading. Funny, clever and highly original, I loved every story and this collection proves Emily Hill is a writer to watch.’

– Clover Stroud, author of The Wild Other 

‘I plan to buy it for everyone I know who has ever been single and lived to tell the tale.’ 

– Katy Guest, The Pool

‘Turning her skill for romance writing into fiction, the Sunday Times columnist has written a collection of poignant short stories. Dark, sharp and deeply moving.’ 

– 2018’s Most Hotly Anticipated Reads, Red magazine

‘Each night this week, I’ve treated myself to one of Emily Hill’s sexy, messy short stories with gotcha punchlines from her collection Bad Romance. The sight of the hot pink and leopard print cover on my bedside table makes me grin.’ 

– Laura Freemanauthor of The Reading Cure, i

I recommend Emily Hill’s darkly comic Bad Romance (a millennial version of Roald Dahl’s Lust…)

– Pandora Sykes, co-presenter of The High-Low Podcast

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  1. Saw your article on Guardian after reading all my other content schedule for the day.

    Perhaps it’s your mileu? Maybe an extreme solution is required. Try NYC instead. Lots of younger American men, boys really, are into the whole cougar thing these days. And they all find a Brit accent sexy.

    Besides, living here you won’t have to be personally embarrassed by Trump, whe in London you have to own Brexit and make excuses for Boris’ tedious haircut.

    You can have the extra room in my place for free in exchange for whitty sarcasm when I’m not working.
    You’ve earned a Singleton Refund! I’m perfectly happy with my lot in life. No problems here.

    And, if anybody complains about the kids thing, I’ll give you access to my Google drive and you can just share photos of my girls. (really Mom, don’t you remember, I had children ten years ago.)

    Problems solved!

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